A Creative Story Telling Photography. A Love Story Captured. My Hopeless Romantic, Fairytales.

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Capture the heart, charm the soul.

Great photography is simple. It’s about capturing people’s intimacy. The key  is to “believe in people’s harmony.” It’s the human’s primitive touch and movements—the natural behavior that I seek. In turn, each movement plays a scene in my imagination. “If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” These are my fairytales—my love stories. It’s capturing their actuality, happiness, and carefree. “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” I see them as they are forever. Photography must be integrated with the story. Close your eyes and think for a moment. Block all the distractions, take a breath, and that’s where you find everything—the whistle and the bells, joy and tears, emotions radiating from your family and friends. Realize and be thankful for those few who have held onto you. Absolutely, those people mean the world to you. Share them. When you do find it, tell me. I would love to photograph it.

I am Jasper, a dreamer, a story teller, an artist.  I believe that dreams are more powerful than fact. Hope always triumphs over experience. Laughter is the cure for mishaps. Love is mystical and pure of  magic.

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. The heart always sees what is invisible to the eye. The universe conspires kindred spirit to discover each other. I believe your soul mate is “the only one in the planet who understands your deepest desires and fears, accepts all of who you are unconditionally and who becomes joined to you, making one complete whole in mind, body and soul.”

Make your photographs into wonderful pieces of art.

There’s no better way of showing your photographs than having a tangible products! I personally believe in the power of decorating your home with photographs. Crestview photography is proud to offer custom choices to ease you into, beautiful, decorative art that will remain a joy for years to come. We pride ourselves from hand-picking products from various printing companies. The true treasure of a session is the creation of stunning portrait displays in your home. We only provide you the best of the best!

Here some of the products we offer:

  • Fine Art Gallery Wraps & Gallery Collections *Most popular*
  • Heirloom Premium Leather Albums *Most loved*
  • Wood Print & Table Books
  • Individual Prints & Print Packages
  • Gift Items such as Storyboards and Collages.
  • Personalized Cards, Save-the-Dates, Invitations and more

Crestview photography has an array of designer collections we delicately pick for savvy clients. We also make custom arts, cards, albums personally for you! We also provide you a selection of fine arts and designer signature products.
VIEWING/PROOFING YOUR IMAGES: I’m a visual and hands on kind of guy. I must see it, before I decide on it. This is why I believe in a personalized portrait & engagement experience from start to finish. After we have taken care of your portrait session, we will also book a follow up appointment for your proofing/ordering session. All proofing (viewing of your images) is done in-person and in the comfort of your home. Together we will create something beautiful.

All Packages Start With Our Artistic Vision, Planning, & Direction | I’M READY, LET’S DO THIS!


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We’ve put together everything to help guide you through every step of the process.

  • → The day of a shoot
  • → From shoot to print
  • → Wardrobe suggestions
  • → Products suggestions


Video Resources

  • → Online Meeting
  • → Wedding Tips
  • → Engagement Tips
  • → Posing Tips
  • → How To’s


We offer a wide variety of hand-picked products to turn your lives into beautiful works of art. View a whole range of our most popular products.

  • → Albums
  • → Gallery Wraps
  • → Fabric Prints


I love capturing a couple’s romance. From my standpoint, I feel a strong sense of connection. Photographing a couple, seeing them in their ultimate destination. With all the time change can bring us, change going around us, for a thought, it was their love, courage, and strong bonds that held them strong, together. It never cease to amaze me within their stories, emotions, and  hardships. What a wonderful journey. We’re glad to hear, “Finally, it’s here. You and Me. & everything else that revolves around us. Take me by a hand.  Now, US IS JUST FOREVER.” A wedding, I believe, is once in a life time. The memories with your loved-ones and friends are forever. Share it. It’s time you do yourself a favor. Invest back to yourselves, Invest back to your future. These memories are your own treasures.



Many couples like to take advantage of our engagement services. Not only will you be able to enjoy some beautiful images of yourselves before the big day but it’s also an opportunity to get to know your photographer and to learn what to expect on the wedding day. The engagement portraits are shot on location. The session lasts for approximately  one hour up to three, and all shots are normally taken within a walk of one central location. Images may be ordered by viewing them on in-person proofing session. Your gorgeous engagement portraits may be used in many different ways. They make the perfect gift. Crestview photography offers an exclusive range of wedding stationery, including reply cards, place cards, boutonniere cards and thank you cards.


My goal in every portrait session is to provide you a collection of memorabilia that you’ll be proud of!  Show and give them to your love one’s, yet have a sophisticated style that truly yours. If you like a family session outdoors, Great!  If you are a senior who like the high fashion urban look, Rock on! If your a couple who loves the metro/urban setting, Awesome! If you want a boudoir session in one of the 5 star hotel, Wonderful! We will jointly choose the location and style of your day. My creative eye’s and openness, combined with the understanding for careful composition, engaged approach, and delicate lighting MAY JUST ROCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET.


Planning is the most important aspect of your session. We will work everything from scratch until they become pieces of arts. We will get our ideas together as much as possible to match your unique session that suit you. I have an online preparatory for  Wedding, Engagament, and Portrait Session. It’s the foundation of your photographic experience.  Most of my client will treat this as a research center for their specific photographic needs.  You’ll find Style(s), Location(s), Wearing Guide, and Make-up and Hair Guides. It’s an array of hand-pick information that will make your photographic experience even easier. This is privately for clients only.


1. Why hire me?

My clients hire me because of my friendly approach. They get so comfortable, so when I capture their moments, the images comes out so natural. it’s also my energy that I bring. You guys hired me to be creative, fun, and collaborative. My main job is to produce the best captivating moments. In saying so, I’ll need your cooperation; getting to know you before is part of the experience, so I can convey you at your most glamorous day. In short, it’s my friendliness, professionalism, and flexibility.

2. The average Purchase ? Who are my services appeal to?

For portrait and engagements, the average client spends roughly around $400 for products. For weddings, average sale is $800 for products. My photography service appeals to those who value quality, artsy, fine art products, and remarkable service. Those who want to simplify their decision making. Trust and respect me for the vision I have. I take my time on finessing my work. I strictly adhere to quality and satisfaction I can give to clients. As far as wedding photography, I can only book two Clients per month.

3. Making an appointment, consultation meeting?

Crestview Photography provide services throughout California. We are located in the OC, Anahiem. Our services includes major cities within LA, OC, SD.  Appointment runs approximately 30-45 minutes depending on your needs. I live in Orange County, so we will pick a place in between, usually in at Starbucks location. We’re open to discuss a lot of things. If you need help deciding on a location and clothing for your engagement, or anything about the wedding you would like me to capture. We can also do appointment online; but if you need that personal-time, I’m here to help.

4. Who do I bring in the photo-shoot? Assistants job? Second photographer?

I always bring an assistant. In order to manage, assist, and help me throughout the day. Assistant provides different cues about the photo-shoot and help cover the areas. Furthermore, my assistant places an important role in placing the lights, and looking for small imperfections when I am capturing the moments. My second photographer capture details while I am photographing the groom and the bride. Details are the rings, dress, the venue, table tops, cakes; every little details. The second photographer is treated as second lead photographer. We go hand on together to capture as much as possible. The benefit of second photographer is tremendous.

5. No location ideas, wardrobe Ideas, do I pose, shy people?

I have guides to better assist you with your clothing, locations, and types of photography. When moment’s doesn’t happen, I help guide you. I teach people to pose or act for better natural moments before the wedding, such as in the engagement session. Mostly, when we’re in a shoot, we’re lay-back and are having blast; candid and spectacular moments comes out.

6. Payment Option?

After booking your wedding, we ask for a 50% down payment. The outstanding balance will be sent one month before the wedding. For portraits and engagement session, there’s a onetime booking free which includes; travel time, gas,  portrait setup, preparation, talking to the client. There will be a follow up proofing/ordering session two weeks after the initial session. Additional prints, albums, gallery wraps,  and more will be available for purchase at ordering session.


What We Are?

  • We emphasize on quality and provide a holistic approach.
  • We labor before the session and craft  in post-production.
  • We only offer PREMIUM quality prints and products.
  • We provide clients with designer and customized options.
  • We personalize our experience and tend to your needs.

What we’re NOT!

  • We don’t sell you a price-list.
  • We don’t leave you with a CD; We give you a finished product
  • We don’t offer you second rate experience.
  • We don’t shake hands; We hug!


Clients demanded us.

We listened.

  • We know time is important to our client.
  • Client aren’t designer.
  • Clients are frustrated with color management
  • Clients are confuse with file handling.
  • Clients don’t know how and where to print.
  • Clients don’t have a selection and examples.
  • Clients need someone to inform them.
  • Client wants an easy and quick solution.

You need personal photographer. You don’t have the time or desire to go through a circular inconvenience.

Stick with what you’re best at and we’ll do the same.


I value simplicity to make decision. I am here to help you on a personal level